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Welcome to Miniviolet's Mania!   Many people want to know where I got the name "Miniviolet". My passion used to be growing African Violets. The image below uses one I used to grow named "Lyon's Spectacular". You can see the violets I used to grow at Carol's African Violets. On bulletin boards and forums my nickname was Miniviolet. Two children later I am doing good to keep 2 of the remaining violets alive! Now my pride and joy are Alex and Emily. They have also been incorporated into the image below. They are all put together with my new interest...PhotoImpact. On these pages you will see the images I have put together with PhotoImpact, tutorials, preset downloads, and more.

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  I have had PhotoImpact for several years, but only in the last year really learned it true graphics power. Most of this has been through the PIRC Network. Through this site is a wealth of information including a free Beginners Workshop. Each student is paired with a mentor and works through a series of 90+ projects. It is a great learning experience. You can also search a large database of tutorials from here, and also visit the link to the PIRC Bulletin Board. The bulletin board consists of several different forums, each focusing on a different aspect of PI. Each week a new project is posted for members to try. Many of the graphics on this site I have created either in the Beginners Workshop or through the Bulletin Board. Visit the PIRC Network today!

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